This summer, 23 incoming first and second graders had parents that signed them up for a new class called Caring, Kindness, and Compassion in Ourselves and Our Community.  This class is an Expeditionary Learning class in the Shorewood summer school program.  The students have ventured out of the classroom, talked to members of the community, and studied the data collected from community members that have participated in our kindness expedition.   Students have learned that even the smallest act of kindness (planting the seed) for themselves and/or others, makes a big difference (watch kindness GROW!).  We have practiced yoga and mindfulness.  Students have learned that the most powerful tool they possess is with them everywhere they go.  It can't be lost, borrowed by a friend and never returned, broken, or forgotten at home.  It is with them every single moment.  Their breath. We all know that we breathe...but not many actually NOTICE that they are breathing!  These 23 kids notice...and practice noticing every day! Just by taking a few mindful breaths, they have learned that they feel more peaceful, think clearly and able to reset and begin again. They are themselves becoming mindful leaders who will be able to lead their classes in a mindful moment this fall if they so choose.   Check out the work we have been doing! "Like" us on Facebook, get updates, and post your OWN random act of kindness on our page...we would LOVE to hear about it!  


Hey!  Don't forget, your face really lights up when you smile that beautiful smile you have!  How many people can you get to smile back at YOU today?!


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